Arccos After A Few Rounds

Last fall I purchased an Arccos Golf System secondhand. The price was right and I've been looking into doing more shot tracking and analyzing of my golf game. After the first few rounds, my initial thought is: AWESOME. This is exactly what people are talking about when they mention the IoT, and tracking data, device metadata, etc.

The Arccos system itself is pretty simple- install the sensors/nubs onto the end of your clubs, sync them with your phone (it uses bluetooth), and play a round. The system tracks a shot when you hit the ball, then the next shot when you hit again. Simple, but yet so cool.

I have, however, come up with a few gotchas that no one else has really expressed in one place:

Putting This is by far the most complex feature of the system. Most likely due to the sensitive nature of both putting, the location of the green, and that the putter nub is the most sensitive of all the nubs. Here's my tips and experience of putting with Arccos:

  • The system tends to add one putt each time I go to the green. This may be from practice swings, but somehow I always have one extra. The "-" button on the app is handy to fix this.
  • You can turn putts from off the green into chips by tapping the Edit button for the hole and then the Putts arrow. From there tap the green line at the bottom next to the Pu green circle icon. Change the putt to a chip, and it won't go against your putting stats.
  • Similar to changing a putt to a chip, you can change the location of the pin with the same Edit button after tapping on the Putts> arrow. This is useful if you are tracking distance stats for your putts.

Phantom Swings There are still quite a few phantom swings, but usually because I've been rough with the clubs. For example, in the trap with two different clubs and you throw one down and then swing with the other. It'll detect the motion of the first club and not the second, so you'll have to go back and edit after the fact. This can also happen if you hit a second ball and then use a club to pick it up when you get to that ball. It's easy enough to edit, but it's still something to note.

Penalties These can be added by doing the same process of editing the hole and adding penalties for water, OB, etc.

All in all, the system itself is great. I would highly recommend it to anyone either looking to improve their game or just know more about their golf game.

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