Gallery Revisited

I've yet to create the video, but I came up with another way to create a gallery with Drupal yesterday. The problem comes down to a conceptual issue with the usage of Gallery. When I create dynamic galleries, they are usually based on taxonomy for sorting and calling back. But what about one-time galleries for events that could be called back, but since it was a single event I have no need to create multiple nodes every time I add pictures. I'm adding pictures once for this event, then I'm done with that until the next event. So, in this instance, the single node itself needs to be a gallery. I, acting as the Drupal gallery manager, need to be able to go back and sort those photos, add more, etc., but all in one node. Here's what I came up with: The Basic Setup:
  • Install the usual suspects (Drupal, CCK, Views, ImageField, FileField, ImageCache, ImageCache Actions, and any other dependencies)
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