Arbitrary Music

Music is interesting. Not so much the music itself, but how it is stored, played, etc. I'll explain: a co-worker came to me last Friday with a problem. All of her music was on a broken iPhone, and she wanted it on her replacement iPhone. Now this music had been wiped from her computer when it was restored, and the iPhone was the only device that had the music. What I found peculiar about the whole situation is that she felt as if she would never see this music ever again. In browsing other shared music at the office I can pick up hundreds of songs without even trying. Why people think they have no way of getting music back is beyond me. But I guess it's been this way as long as I can remember. Ever since I downloaded my first song off of the internet ("You Sexy Thing", by Hot Chocolate) I have never felt that music was hard to obtain, or hard to re-acquire.
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