Drupal Multi-Site with the Domain Access module

I'll get to doing a guide or video soon, but here are some notes of what I did:
  • In Virtualmin, create a virtual server for
  • Do a basic Drupal install (
  • Install the Domain Access module on
  • Back in Virtualmin, create as a sub-domain of
  • Within the Webmin part of Virtualmin, edit the Apache server directives for
  • You should see something like this in the site list:
    • Server Name:
    • Document Root: /home/domain1/domains/domain2/public_html
  • Edit the directives of the domain2 virtual server to match domain1:
    • Before: /home/domain1/domains/domain2/public_html
    • After: /home/domain1/public_html
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From Linksys to Zentyal to m0n0wall to Smoothwall

I have recently moved, and as such my internet options have become awesome. I am now on a 15x3 fiber connection that is just awesome. With my last internet (U-Verse), I didn't have the option to use my own equipment. Had they fixed it (and removed the stupid certificate requirement) I would have kept them when I move. As they did not, I have not. At any rate, I felt with the new awesome fiber connection that I need to branch out and not go with a simple Linksys router. No, no. I want to play with QoS, VPN's, proxy servers, and anything else I can use to make my internet a better playground. These reasons are why I was so drawn to Zentyal. I had played with eBox a while back, but had never gotten past the setup. Untangle looks like an awesome product, but as a home user I can't afford to purchase the fun features. So Zentyal it was!
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Disabling HDMI Audio Passthrough in XBMC

I don't know exactly what worked, and I will try to clean this post up later, but here are the sites where I found the answers:
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Two Months into Uverse

I've had Uverse from AT&T for two months now. I love the speed. Seriously, I love it. I had some initial problems with connections dropping randomly, but thanks to great service from @ATTMike on Twitter, some techs came out and removed the bridge tap (which should have been removed in the first place) and now I'm not having network connections drop! The only issue I have is the equipment you have to use. From what I've read on AT&T's Uverse forums as well as other sites like DSL Reports, there is no other way to use Uverse except with the Router/Gateway. The reason for this is either once daily or once weekly the R/G checks back in with AT&T using a device-specific certificate to authenticate and keep the VDSL connection alive. Other than that, it's a straight VDSL Internet connection. I will laud AT&T the day they remove this restriction. But until then, we've got a R/G.
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