Creating Drupal Cron Jobs on Hostgator

The only issues I've had in moving my Drupal sites from one host to another is the Cron jobs. The previous one I was using was calling PHP5 correctly, but wasn't loading the right directory to run the job in and failed out every time.

According to this forum post, the correct way to kick off a Cron job on Hostgator is this:

cd '/home/username/public_html/' ; php -q 'cron.php' > /dev/null ;

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Gallery Revisited

I've yet to create the video, but I came up with another way to create a gallery with Drupal yesterday. The problem comes down to a conceptual issue with the usage of Gallery. When I create dynamic galleries, they are usually based on taxonomy for sorting and calling back. But what about one-time galleries for events that could be called back, but since it was a single event I have no need to create multiple nodes every time I add pictures. I'm adding pictures once for this event, then I'm done with that until the next event. So, in this instance, the single node itself needs to be a gallery. I, acting as the Drupal gallery manager, need to be able to go back and sort those photos, add more, etc., but all in one node. Here's what I came up with: The Basic Setup:
  • Install the usual suspects (Drupal, CCK, Views, ImageField, FileField, ImageCache, ImageCache Actions, and any other dependencies)
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