Enabling Clean URLs for Drupal in Ubuntu 14.04 LTS

Drupal is awesome, but without clean URLs it can make site configuration and menu setup exceedingly annoying.

In the newer versions of Ubuntu, the Apache config has changed just enough to make me re-do a bunch of stuff when setting up a new Drupal install. Here is the way I was able to enable Clean URLs from a base Ubuntu 14.04 LTS LAMP install:

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Drupal in the Cloud, Part 3: Installing Virtualmin

Let me preface this section with a caveat: you do not need Virtualmin for Drupal to work. Drupal will work just fine without Virtualmin, provided it gets the three things it does need: Apache, MySQL, and PHP.

For those at home taking notes, this is typically called a LAMP setup- Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP. LAMP. Get it? Cool, let's continue.

What Virtualmin does is provide an easy interface to manage your server, which is an absolute godsend for those who hate doing things by command line.

There are three things we need to get Virtualmin up and running:

  1. Be on a supported system (CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu LTS, etc.)
  2. Change the hostname to what its final hostname will be
  3. Run the install script

The first requirement is done, provided you have been doing things according to the tutorial.

The second requirement is fairly easy:

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Drupal Multi-Site with the Domain Access module

I'll get to doing a guide or video soon, but here are some notes of what I did:
  • In Virtualmin, create a virtual server for domain1.com
  • Do a basic Drupal install (domain1.com)
  • Install the Domain Access module on domain1.com
  • Back in Virtualmin, create domain2.com as a sub-domain of domain1.com
  • Within the Webmin part of Virtualmin, edit the Apache server directives for domain2.com
  • You should see something like this in the site list:
    • Server Name: domain2.com
    • Document Root: /home/domain1/domains/domain2/public_html
  • Edit the directives of the domain2 virtual server to match domain1:
    • Before: /home/domain1/domains/domain2/public_html
    • After: /home/domain1/public_html
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