Swapping HTPC HD's

My HTPC died the other day. It didn't turn out as tragic as I thought, but nonetheless it was cause for concern. The dual-core 2GB machine had been running with a 5400 RPM laptop drive, so when it came time to replace I decided to use an old 80GB 7200 RPM drive from my old single-core 64-bit machine. Oddly enough, it booted right to my install of Linux Mint 7, perfect the first time. Once the HTPC booted, I ran the Hardware Drivers application to pick up the nVidia drivers for the card, and it ran itself at a full 1080p. It had xbmc previously loaded on it, and it ran flawlessly with it. After I verified that it would in fact play any videos I threw at it as well as startup and shutdown regularly, I ran the LIRC commands again to get my remote working, and presto! I was back in business!
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