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What Went Wrong With Modern Warfare 3

I've picked up MW3 again recently and have come to the conclusion that it is nowhere near Black Ops for multiplayer. It's not, and I have my reasons. I think that Infinity Ward did some things correctly when it came to multiplayer, such as adding Kill Confirmed and introducing a Death Streak system. Unfortunately the bad far outweighs the good, and for this I think that BO2 will be the major step forward that MW3 should have been. First, the good:
  • Kill Confirmed
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Drupal Multi-Site with the Domain Access module

I'll get to doing a guide or video soon, but here are some notes of what I did:
  • In Virtualmin, create a virtual server for
  • Do a basic Drupal install (
  • Install the Domain Access module on
  • Back in Virtualmin, create as a sub-domain of
  • Within the Webmin part of Virtualmin, edit the Apache server directives for
  • You should see something like this in the site list:
    • Server Name:
    • Document Root: /home/domain1/domains/domain2/public_html
  • Edit the directives of the domain2 virtual server to match domain1:
    • Before: /home/domain1/domains/domain2/public_html
    • After: /home/domain1/public_html
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SSH Jail and Symlinks

Ok, so a select few family members get access to my file server from the outside. I find it easy to distribute bulk pictures, videos, etc. without having to use services like Dropbox.

I want them to access those files, but I don't want them to access my entire server. The solutions? SSH jail, or Chroot.

At first I used symlinks and rssh (Restricted Shell, in case an account is compromised they can't do anything but SCP). This was an ok solution, but not ideal. Clicking the symlink would still drop the user into the folder of the files and allowed them to move up levels if they wanted.

Modify your sshd_config file (mine is in /etc/ssh) and add the following lines:

Subsystem sftp internal-sftp

Match Group sftp
ChrootDirectory %h
ForceCommand internal-sftp
AllowTcpForwarding no

Restart the SSH service:

# /etc/init.d/ssh restart

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My New Favorite Drupal Module - Reroute Email

I have a new favorite Drupal module: Reroute Email I setup a site a while back that allowed for the client to bulk-email their users. I generally try to sway people from this lest they get on a spam list from unforgiving users, but I digress. The e-mails were sent in plain text, and incredibly boring. I did include an unsubscribe link as a condition of creating the bulk-email process, but other than that it was very... drab. So said client comes back a few weeks ago and asks if we can "jazz up the email a bit". Since this site has been live for close to two years with only critical updates being applied, I have long deleted the dev site.
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