State of My Media Centers

With my new (to me) dual-core atom Zotac with NVidia Ion graphics, I've been wanting to push out a new media center to the living room. The living room machine is currently a dual-core 2.2GHz P4 with 2GB of RAM. Not great specs, but certainly not bad as it can push 1080p easily. The real concern I have with it is the size of the computer. It's a slighly-larger-than-mid tower and has only somewhat quiet fans constantly blowing. Over a movie I can't hear it, but without the TV on it is a little noticeable.
So I've been looking to make a swap. In the bedroom I've been running a dual-core atom Zotac with Intel GMA3150 graphics, which for anything larger than 720p is just crap. The box is an old Dell Dimension case with the stock Dell power supply. I haven't had the spare funds to buy a new case for it, but when I do it's going on the wall with a mount from MonoPrice. In addition, I'm worried about overheating because the heat sink on the Atom is fanless. This is having a much more adverse affect on my casing decision than usual.
Once the newer Zotac hits the living room, my media center setup will be as follows:

Ubuntu 9.04 Server Edition with 4TB Samba storage and MySQL database for metadata

Living Room
Proc: 1.6GHz Dual-Core Atom 330
Memory: 4GB PC2-6400
Hard Drive: 160GB 5400RPM Laptop
Graphics: Nvidia ION
Proc: 1.6GHz Dual-Core Atom 330
Memory: 2GB PC2-6400
Hard Drive: 120GB 5400RPM Laptop
Graphics: Intel GMA3150

Proc: 2.6GHz P4
Memory: 1GB PC-3200
Hard Drive: 80GB 7200RPM Desktop
Graphics: 256MB Radeon 9400 AGP
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Hey, just wondering what OS is currently your favorite for your HTPC needs? I've been running Windows 7 for my HTPC, but I've got the itch to try something new, any suggestions?

I prefer XBMC because it is OS-independent, but if you have a small media collection you may find Boxee better. In my opinion, tv is going the way of the dodo, but if tv is your thing, give MediaPortal a try. All three beat Windows hands-down.