Mac Mini PPC Media Center, Day 1

I've had a Mac Mini sitting in my garage for a good two years now. It works, to my knowledge, aside from a bad hard drive and no power supply. Last week sometime I ordered a power supply for about $20 on eBay, $10 under the standard price point ;-). So yesterday was Day 1 of the attempt to turn it into a Media Center or HTPC. Obviously this being a PPC G4 Mini, it won't run anything more than 720p from what I've read. But that doesn't matter, because it's going in the bedroom and the best I can stream over 802.11G is 720p MKV's. Linux Mint is my ideal OS for home stuff these days, but unfortunately they don't have a PowerPC Version. Ubuntu and Debian do, so I'm going with Ubuntu. I can always download and install the codecs and whatnot later. The machine only has 512MB PC3200, but my wife's machine has a spare 1GB stick of PC3200, so that's the first thing I swap out. The "live" installer for Ubuntu PPC won't run. I've resorted to using the internet-based installer, which doesn't run too much slower considering it only took about 20-30 min to download and install the required packages. After doing a "sudo apt-get install gnome-desktop" on the cli-only install, the desktop comes up beautifully. The proprietary drivers for the wireless card install easily, and in minutes I'm browsing my network shares. Regular DVD playback is ok, but there is major vertical interlacing going on. VLC can't seem to solve it. 720p playback is choppy and slow, but the sound is smooth. I tried to install XBMC a couple of times, but the repo's for the Linux PPC seem to have died around Ubuntu 7.10. After doing some research in the forums, I downloaded and installed the SVN XBMC, only to have it not start. There's a repo out there for G4 Macs, but that means I'll have to re-install OSX. Time for a download and a test!
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Maybe you did not find MintPPC yet...

I didn't- thanks for the link! Do you know if it runs well for h.264 media?