Boxee is Bad

This bug is the reason why I haven't moved to Boxee. After reading multiple times, I still don't understand why this issue can't be fixed. I have an assortment of shows that are sitting on my hard drive at home. Boxee likes to fill in the gaps of what I don't have with those that are available online. Great. But, it also likes to search for any online content first instead of any local content. What this means is that my full local collection of South Park videos takes ~30 sec to 1 min to load because Boxee wants to check if there are any shows available online as well. WTH? THEY ARE ALL LOCAL, I DON'T CARE IF THEY ARE ONLINE-VIEWABLE! Online episode viewing should never trump local file viewing. Ever. And the fact that the bug was closed with a "won't fix" is just one more reason for me to stay far, far away from Boxee. You have some great ideas, guys, but ignoring the people who want to use it is a surefire way to kill a project.
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I find the biggest problem with boxee is that the content available online is very limited unless you live in an area that already has lots of online options. I live in Canada and don't have access to hulu and therefore don't really have any access to the videos that boxee claims to give you access to. I wind up using the web player that the TV station has for my local networks. It sucks, but since boxee isn't an option, I just use a simple DOS based menu and mplayer to output to the TV. I know most people like fancy GUIs for their media players, but if you want something simple, and don't mind a bit of work to get it work on your system, you can find my media browser on sourceforge at works well with a number pad on an extension cord, or an IR keyboard/remote.

I think you're right about the limited content. With such broad access to many regions and media it doesn't make sense to limit usage to certain regions except to extract more money out of the end user. While that is the choice of the content owner, it usually doesn't bode well for the consumers. I would love to get a Netflix plugin for Linux, but there is just no way Microsoft is going to allow Linux to have the authorized keys in order for Mono to run Netflix. Your project looks very simple, clean, and easy. Keep it going! I may look at it for some of my aging machines that can still be used for most media, but can't run the latest GPU-enabled GUI's. For my main machines, it is all abou the Wife Acceptance Factor. If it looks like command line, my wife will just flip to live TV. For me, I'm happy with VLC and a VNC or wireless keyboard to control it. Good luck with the project!