My Broken 2G

So while waiting for my trip to Des Moines, and the impending iPhone 3G replacement that comes with it, I am relegated to using my daughter's 2G iPhone. This would normally pose no issue, were it not for the dead portion of the screen that touching just will not work. If looking at the dialer, it is the entire 4-5-6 row of keys. This isn't that much of a problem, for the most part. Except when it comes to installing apps. The password-protected functions for the app store don't allow for any other button to finalize password entry except the OK button. Not the return button, not shaking the phone, nothing. This would not be a normal problem for me, were it not for the annoying wrong voicemail password prompt that will not go away. No press of the home button would send this prompt back from whence it came. Calls may be answered, but get sent behind the prompt immediately, disallowing any speakerphone, muting, or hanging up options. There is a fix in sight, however, for this jailbroken phone. Veency! The VNC server for the iPhone allowed me to connect to the phone, enter the correct password, and press the OK button. Voila! The phone is usable again!
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