iOS 4, iPhone 4, and Freedom

I played with the new iPhone 4G earlier today, and was not very impressed with the speed of the phone. Supposedly it has an underclocked 1GHz A4 processor, but there is noticeable difference between the iPhone 4G and the iPad (which has the same proc). In addition, the iPhone comes with the new iOS (hmmm... Cisco lawsuit pending?) 4.0, which is told to have improvements over the current 3.1.3, including multi-tasking, battery life, and other misc. improvements. According to today's Slashdot article, it also checks home for jailbreaks and reports them. I understand they want to ensure warranties and all, but phoning home to report jailbreaks? It's my hardware when I leave the store. You want to subsidize it? Fine, that's your deal. But I'm doing whatever I want with MY phone, and that includes jailbreaking and unlocking. Besides, Saurik will save us!
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