Well, I'm back to xbmc. Or rather, I'm trying it in production for the second time. Because of this issue, I have decided to pursue other avenues for HTPC software. In other words, I've dropped Boxee. Querying online content before querying local network files is just ridiculous. I don't know if this is what is actually happening, but it sure feels like it. Besides, after my wife and I finished watching Adventures in Babysitting, I went to browse other movies, and the database was cleared out! What the heck is going on there?!? I looked at the TV shows, and it appeared that the network drives weren't connected. Why are these issues happening this late in the game? I know Boxee is based on xbmc, and xbmc gets it right, so it can't be an upstream issue. It must be with code that is re-written for Boxee to allow for better online avenues for entertainment. But if I'm losing my local avenues, no thanks. I'll try Boxee again in a few days, and maybe set it as a program to launch from within xbmc, but for now I'm good. Cool features, but far from stable.
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