DD-WRT Rocks Again

So I've got a WRT160N v3 to play around with, and guess what? It works with DD-WRT! Sweetness!

After an initial flash with the mini-std built built specifically for this model, I was ready to flash with another version... especially since the mini build doesn't have SNMP built in. So I upload the nokaid-nohotspot bin (I don't use those anyway), and after a second, it goes to a blank page. So I try enabling SSH (I avoid telnet at all costs), and any page update or setting update results in a about-blank page. Thanks to Google, I stumbled upon this post, try the same thing in Opera (to avoid simple browser cache clearing), and BAM! We're back in business!

Now I've got another $600 router to play with... I think the goal will be to make it a client bridge for my bedroom media center... or replace my WRT54GL and make that one the client bridge. Any way you slice it, this is awesome.

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