Best Donuts in Lubbock

The best donuts in Lubbock are at TT Donuts on 82nd just west of Frankford in the River Crossing shopping center. Why are they the best? Because they make them there fresh every day. And, the people working there are extremely nice, friendly, and take care of customers. I made a special order today for two white-cake chocolate icing with sprinkles donuts. They had no problem making this, and I wouldn't be surprised to see it in the rack tomorrow. In addition, their cake donuts are fresh!

A few years back I was at the Rise 'n' Shine donuts on Frankford near 4th st., and as I was walking out I saw a delivery truck wheeling donuts into the store. What kind of donut shop has their donuts made somewhere else and delivered in? Come-freaking-on. That does explain the extreme lack of variety in all Rise 'n' Shine shops. What it doesn't explain is the funky smell at the one on Quaker near 82nd. A donut shop needs to smell like a donut shop, not like a convalescent home.

The closest thing to a real donut shop in town was Donut Depot on 50th near Ave Q. While they lacked certain donuts such as the plain cake donut, cake donut with glaze, and the cake donut with icing and sprinkles, they still have a fresh taste to it. Unfortunately, the shop seems to have turned toward pushing kolaches more than donuts.

So back to TT Donuts in the River Crossing Shopping Center. I visited there last Saturday with my daughter, and we got just a few donuts. Taylor seemed to just love the icing, and was being a real ham to the people in the store- smiling, waving, saying "bye!", etc. The nice lady (I don't know her name yet) in the store came over and said "hi" a few times, and on her last visit brought Taylor a present: six donut holes drizzled with chocolate icing. Taylor was loving it, and TT Donuts earned themselves a customer that day. The following Tuesday I decided to leave the house a little early and pick up some donuts for the office. After making my order of two dozen donuts (and a chocolate milk ;-), I was getting ready to pay. The nice gentleman then proceeds to take an additional bag out and place a bearclaw in it at no additional charge. Talk about taking care of customers!

So needless to say, I stopped there again this morning, this time only buying donuts for my group. But they took my special order, and to be honest, these are the best donuts I've had since leaving California. If you're in Lubbock and up early, TT Donuts is where you need to go.

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