What I Want From Lucid

For the past few months (since 9.10) I've been running with Linux Mint almost exclusively on my desktop. The server still gets Ubuntu, and the latest re-do of the server resulted in me giving it a gui this time ;-). My secondary has Ubuntu, but ever since I found out my main machine is x64 compatible, I've been on Linux Mint 7 x64. I know, I couldn't wait for the LM 8 x64 release, and I'm not about to go with 8 while 9 is right around the corner... but when I do finally break down and install LM 9 x64, here's what I hope is fixed upstream in Ubuntu (or LM, if they don't like it the Canonical way):

  • Sound fixed: I don't care if you go with ALSA, Pulse, whatever, just fix it from the panel. I'm tired of muting, only to realize that it mutes EVERYTHING and I have to go back to ALSA to bring my sound up. This is annoying.
  • VNC Server: Connecting when compizfusion (or whatever the project is calling itself these days) is enabled results in movement on the server, but nothing is sent to the client. This just doesn't work.
  • PPA Keys: This one is really for Mint, as Ubuntu has a graphical front end for PPA keys, but I hate having to Google "ppa key add" to get the command line fix in order to add PPA's to my /etc/apt/sources.list
  • VLC: This one is for Mint again, but put whatever build the PPA for VLC is in as the main package. The detached video with the regular VLC sucks.
  • Virtualbox: Mint, again. Can you make the default VB install be the non-ose one? They're the same, except the OSE has no USB support. C'mon, we're already compromising on flash and codecs...

After reading this, it's a little more mean than I had intended. But it's late and I don't want to go back and change it, so meh. That said, I LOVE both the Ubuntu and Mint projects, because you guys give me an opportunity to learn awesomely cool stuff all the time, and with a new build every six months things are staying fresh and clean. This next time around I'm going to try Ubuntu One for my machines, but until then, keep working hard guys (and gals), you're doing awesome!

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